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  • Age : 22
  • Sexual preference : Bisexual
  • Private show : 5 cd/min
  • VIP Show : 15 cd/min (Voyeur : 8 cd/min)
  • Videos : 5 cd/min


  • Description : I am a pleasant person, with common sense and respect for the other people around me. I like to be listened to and respected, to exchange opinions with different people on the topic of privacy so that each of us can progress intimately.I am a right person, I like to listen to different opinions, I am what I want to be, I can be a bad and provocative person as some like but I can also be gentle, pleasant so the discussions can be more interesting and show.I like to receive but also to offer, I live life in moderation but also to the maximum, I like to live every moment or moment or rather, I like to evolve in all fields but to be proud of what I receive. the person open to any intimate or individual discussion.I am a pleasant, sensational person and I like to make people who admire me feel good with me.I really like to be in the center of attention, to be listened to by others, I like to play with people's eyes such as exchanges of glances or words.I am a social and very friendly person, I like to make new friends, I am very open-minded when it comes to discussions about sex.I am an imposing person, I like the roles of games, they are also changeable, for example today I want something tomorrow I want something else, I always have something new with me, idea, advice, anything about sex.I also have moments when I want to be just me and that's it, these are unpleasant moments, instead I like life and I live it to the fullest.I like perverted dances, I like to have fun, to laugh, to joke with the people around me and to put them in a good mood.I like to do a lot of things especially when I am surrounded by wonderful Persians with common sense, I feel super good around quality people.After a few recent events I noticed how people interpret my attitude towards many situations so today I will share with you a piece of my personal life or more precisely I make a "compromise" to explain how I work.I am a simple person. I like to say things to my face and I like to be treated with the same currency, and people who lie for free are the first ones I miss. I'm a person who doesn't really tolerate drama, soap opera and people who define the stereotypes of frustrated women - this is where men come in. I don't like men with womanly, paranoid or jealous grudges. I am tired of people who have the pretension to change, to conform to their personality or to make compromises for their sake. I easily detach myself from the toxic people who consume me like a battery, just like relationships, today I raise a statue for you and tomorrow I can collapse you. I like that between two people there is the minimum of respect, if not, the maximum of ignorance.It's very difficult for me to wear gloves
  • Online : I stay for three hours, during which time I try to give my best4hours,In the evening, because I really like to go in.....................................................................................................................................................................................................
  • I love : I am most excited about a lot of money, dirty discussions both live and pmThe money and the common sense of the man who interacts with me make me happy.It makes me happy, the compliments received from a stranger and the gesture in which he communicates and intends to meet me, I like when I am in the center of attention....
  • I don't love : I don't like perverse games related to putting toys in the bottomI don't like being given orders.I don't like when no one listens to me when I have something important to say, I don't like to get out of my way.I don't like to listen to what I'm told, I live by my own rules.I don't like certain things to be imposed
  • I speak : English, Romanian

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